the new blonde me, till the roots set in!

Well, a horrible week for this person. I was in bed or the emergency room all of this past week! The first two trips to the ER will be rewarded with a very strongly issued complaint and grievance! As well as reports to the AMA and DHS! The final ER’s Medical Director finally had some Mercy on my tortured soul (and body) and provided two pain relievers for me to take home. Note that I saw the ER Medical Director, and not just the Attending Physician; this is apparently because of the “complexity of the situation” with my health. Well, DUH! I could have informed the first hospital’s doctors of that, if they had BOTHERED TO LISTEN to my words and not just immediately peg me as a drug seeker! This culture has GOT TO STOP, this tormenting and torturing of pain relief-seeking patients, the lumping us all in with drug-seeking addicts, and the lack of movement toward fixing the current treatment system in light of the NEW, 2019, guidelines for the treatment of pain, issued by the DHS and Dr. Vanila Singh. The cdc (note the lack of capital letters; this shows total lack of respect) has admitted in a JAMA article that they skewed the data to support their motives in producing the flawed 2016 guidelines, and they’ve also issued warnings to providers who are yet afraid of the dea, and refuse to begin prescribing pain relieving methods to pain patients. Allllllllll of the “crap” they talk about–using complementary and alternative methods of pain control–is garbage when you have a broken bone in your spine, sorry Sen. Sessions, why don’t YOU go take a fucking aspirin and suck it up, instead, if that’s all it takes to help your pains? Mine are far worse than that. I have been prescribed NSAIDS, high-dose steroids, and muscle relaxers, but again DUH, DOCTORS! I have two types of Hemophilia and am NOT ALLOWED to take those things. So what’s going to be the word at the pain mis-management physician this Tuesday? The usual party line: we don’t prescribe opioids, blah blah blah. I CALL BULLSHIT on this because the same practice gives my uncle morphine. So, why, I am, am I being lied to?? I plan to initiate a REAL conversation with said pain specialist. I beg of you, wish me luck..

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