An Introduction to Developmental Trauma — Raising Devon

To better serve children with developmental trauma, Kolk has proposed adding a new diagnosis to the DSM called Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD). The new diagnostic criteria requires exposure to chronic trauma before the age of 5. This diagnosis would fully encompass the symptoms of developmental trauma bringing them under one umbrella. The post An Introduction… via …

Comment on NO DEAD BODIES: DEA: doctor is believed to still be over-prescribing prescription raided by Stellar Devlin — Comments for PHARMACIST STEVE

DEA is full of coward’s. Try fighting the problem on the boarder instead of our doctors. Who the hell made your joke of a govt agency all knowing medical police? Get your shit together and stop bulling the medical field. To all the DEA employees… “We were just following orders” sound familiar? Get a clue… via …

“It’s my ‘me!'” Identity, language and autism


Today I had a particularly unpleasant exchange on Facebook with a  woman who said my use of the term ‘autistics’ was ableist. I responded by saying that many autistic people us the term Autistics to describe our culture, our tribe. Unfortunately it got less pleasant and blocking  wasn involved.… Anyway, the upshot of this is that it is another chapter in the thread of my life involving  difficult interactions with people autism and identity.

Apart from the feeling of being attacked, my issue with the exchange today was the concept of someone who isn’t me telling me how I should identify and how I should described my tribe.

Telling people how they should identify is sadly quite common. To my mind it is on the list of Highly Uncool Things to Say To An Autistic Person. The most common issues is around ‘person first’ versus ‘identity first’ language. Person first…

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They thought I was ‘intense’…when I was actually autistic 

the silent wave

All my life, the word “intense” has crept into the conversation, usually in reference to my personality or my behavior or my vocabulary or my stances on various issues.

Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not. It’s in the eye of the beholder (or is it?), and it’s all relative (or is it?).

Discovering that I am Aspergian/autistic in adult life has not only been a cataclysmic game-changer (why else would I keep talking about it? Lol), but it has nudged me (an understatement) to rethink so many aspects of my life.

And so, here are my thoughts on this one, my long-delayed “rebuttal” to the observation (or assumption–or is it?) that I am “intense”.

A person simply reacts or responds to the world around them. That’s how the human being is geared and wired. I’m no different. Autistic people are, after all, people (chuckle; relax!–I meant that in good…

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Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee…another committee?? What about funding, instead??

In reviewing the agenda of the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (IPRCC), I find it to be just another one of those bureaucrat-run wastes of time. Instead of putting the direly-needed funds into the hands of the REAL pain researchers, it is now going to be funneled into the IPRCC members’ pockets. The Steering Committee …